Many people believe that a positive mindset overcomes adversity or emotional blockages. However, after research and experience, I have come to understand that trying to overcome fear-based emotions with solely positive thoughts or ignoring them completely only leads to disaster in the near future. To me, evolving is not all about being positive all the … Continue reading Awareness

Intermittent Reinforcement Relationships

Intermittent reinforcement is one of the most powerful motivators to exist today. It is the act of a reinforcement being provided on a random schedule. Let’s think of gambling. When you start losing, the fear that you may lose all your money starts to arise. But, the minute you win the jackpot or start to … Continue reading Intermittent Reinforcement Relationships

Choose the Path that Feels Lighter

Usually, when stuck between making a decision, one path will feel heavier than the other. You feel it in your chest. You may feel it in your stomach. You may feel it in your forehead. Sometimes you can feel an energetic field surrounding you and it will get lighter or heavier as you are thinking … Continue reading Choose the Path that Feels Lighter

Frequencies, frequently

We are all energetic beings. We are energy and we are all connected. We are no less or no more than the trees and the stars. Ever wonder why millionaire, DJ Khaled, is always talking to his plants? Nature contains highly powerful and healing energies that can nourish our soul if we let it. When … Continue reading Frequencies, frequently

Natural Remedies: Take care of your body!

I believe our body is a temple. It is your temple for the rest of your life. Medicine or anything that contains chemicals can harm you more than help you, believe it or not. Here are some natural substitutions for any type of ailment you may encounter! Choosing natural products will save you from further … Continue reading Natural Remedies: Take care of your body!

Gratitude: The key to blessings

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.” It seems simple for some people. To be thankful for all that you have. However, FEELING gratitude in your heart is what makes all the difference and what is going to attract a better life for you. Believe it or not, energy is powerful. What you put … Continue reading Gratitude: The key to blessings

The Little Things

A very successful key to happiness is doing the little things that make your soul happy. The little things that bring you happiness, recharge your soul a little at a time. For some people, it is having coffee or hot tea in the morning. For others, it is watching their favorite TV show with some … Continue reading The Little Things

Failure or Opportunity?

Many of us often view a setback, rejection, loss, etc. as a failure, when in reality, it is truly a blessing in disguise. There are times where old habits must be broken, certain relationships must end, and/or a job must be taken away from you in order to open a door to something much more magnificent. Remain … Continue reading Failure or Opportunity?