Many people believe that a positive mindset overcomes adversity or emotional blockages. However, after research and experience, I have come to understand that trying to overcome fear-based emotions with solely positive thoughts or ignoring them completely only leads to disaster in the near future. To me, evolving is not all about being positive all the time, it is mostly about being aware. Being a conscious woman or man does not mean we don’t get angry or anxious. It simply means we are aware of our emotions, thoughts, and inner demons. We are consciously working to transmute/heal them in order to ascend to higher frequencies and live the life we desire.

Let me start this off with an analogy. If a room is full of dirty laundry, trash, food, etc., would we clean it up appropriately right there and then? Or would we throw everything under the bed or in the closet to make it appear clean for the meantime? Now, if we throw it all under the bed or in the closet and spray some air freshener around, it may appear clean for a little minute, right? Temporarily. However, in due time, the room may start smelling and it may be harder now this time around to clean it all up versus if you did it right the first time.

When we correlate this analogy to our emotions and inner energy, we may come to understand that facing our fears (i.e., anger, resentment, anxiety, trauma, heartbreak, etc.) rather than shove them under the rug is the most effective way to go about it. Avoiding your inner fears or demons in order to feel positive or “strong” temporarily only leads to facing a darker shadow in the long run. It is like you are throwing everything under the rug only to deal with it later… but the smell, or dark energy, will be 10x worse in the future.

Deal with your fears now. Now, when I say “fear” I am not talking about being scared of something, although that may be the case sometimes. When I say fears, I am talking about any fear-based emotion. This can be anger, resentment, fear of living in poverty, fear of being alone, fear of death, heartbreak, depression, addiction, anxiety, or anything else that does not stem from the frequency of love (i.e., joy, peace, appreciation, being grounded, stillness, love, etc.). Positivity only takes you so far and while a positive mindset can help in many circumstances, being aware is beneficial in ALL circumstances, especially when it comes to transmuting your fears. Awareness promotes growth and allows you to propel forward into enlightenment. Awareness allows you to use your darkness as a tool to grow and thus, effectively manifest a life you desire.

So your next question may be, “How do I become conscious and aware?”. Well, we can first start by using our triggers as a tool. When something triggers your fears, quit brushing it under the rug and telling yourself “I’m good, F it”. Instead, we should practice awareness. For instance, if we see something and it makes our heart tense up or if someone tells us something and it stirs up a fear-based emotion within us, we can practice the pause and observe our emotions and thoughts. There are various ways we can be triggered, these are just a couple of examples. Depending on your level of consciousness, simply taking a moment to feel these triggers can be beneficial. Sitting with your fears and acknowledging them can be helpful. Cry if you must, write it out, sit with it, or utilizing creative energy (e.g., painting, drawing, dancing, poetry, etc.) in order to transmute your fears can also be helpful. Analyzing it and asking yourself, “What is this trying to teach me?” can be a great question to ask yourself.

Once we are capable of feeling, dissecting, and learning our fears appropriately, we are then able to then transmute these “negative” feelings into love/light. Doing so can manifest a healthier and more effective lifestyle in our physical reality. Just like I always state, “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” We can’t win if we are not right within. However, I believe it all starts with being conscious and aware. When we are aware, we are able to heal the subconscious mind, evolve, strengthen, and propel forward. It takes time and it takes a lot of patience, but once we get the hang of it, we will notice a positive gradual change in our physical reality (i.e., relationships, physical health, career, experiences, etc.) and most importantly, a change within our Self.

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