Frequencies, frequently

We are all energetic beings. We are energy and we are all connected. We are no less or no more than the trees and the stars. Ever wonder why millionaire, DJ Khaled, is always talking to his plants? Nature contains highly powerful and healing energies that can nourish our soul if we let it. When we nourish our soul, we raise our vibrational frequency. Raising your vibrational frequency has plenty of benefits and attracts all that is good in life.


People with low energetic frequencies will attract similar frequencies in return. For instance, a person with low frequencies (e.g., depression, anxiety, rage) will attract other people who have similar frequencies as well; or might get themselves into situations that contain the same heavy vibrations/low frequencies. Not all “bad things” happen because you were a vibrational match. I believe “bad” things happen for one of two reasons- 1) It is part of your destiny to strengthen you or 2) it was a vibrational match. You decide.

You are what you attract. It is law.

Love, peace, harmony, etc. are examples of high frequencies and light vibrations. Fear, anger, and anxiety, are a few examples of low frequencies and heavy vibrations. We cannot be vibrating on a low frequency and be asking a higher source for pure love, happiness, and wealth to enter our life. That is like turning your radio station to 104.3, but really wanting to listen to 96.3 music. It makes no sense.

inner peace

Your exterior world is a glimpse of what is going on in your interior world. Learn how to raise your frequency and lighten your vibrations in your day-to-day life by working with your own life coach today. Life is what you make it.


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  1. I never knew Khaled talked to his plants. I sometimes talk to my vegetables in the morning and thank them for the food they provide.

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