Let it flow


It is okay to feel sad, angry, helpless, etc. Strong emotions are meant to be felt. The more you try to block out pain, the longer it stays in our subconscious body. So feel the emotion, feel the pain, anger, or heartbreak. Then, allow it to flow out of you. If it isn’t flowing, it is never leaving.

There are people out there that are conditioned to throw any “negative” emotion under the rug and keep it moving. See this as someone not wanting to clean their room. So they throw trash, dirty clothes, etc. under their bed. The room appears clean for a while, but give it some time and the room is going to start smelling. It is the same thing with emotions and feelings. Trying to be too strong and egotistical will only allow your shadow to grow into a monster later on in life. We must tend to these hurt or angry feelings as soon as we are aware. Awareness is the very first step.



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