Follow your soul


We’ve heard it all before… “think extra hard about this decision”, “make a list of the pros and cons” etc etc. While that may be beneficial sometimes, it may not be the best decision overall. Yes, you should think about a decision. However, your soul aka your instinct aka your gut feeling, is what is going to guide you in the right direction. That is the higher power speaking to you! Whether you perceive that as a God, guardian angel, the universe, or your higher “self”… that’s who you should really listen to. Silence your mind and calm your body in order to really listen to your soul. Logical thinking and following your heart can sometimes lead you where you are not meant to be. Although, logical thinking and following your heart is definitely helpful and you still should use those tools, you should base your final decision off intuition. When you learn to be completely guided by intuition and learn how to fully understand what your intuition is speaking, you will ALWAYS be where you are meant to be.


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